ISS does not welcome unshaven personnel on board

The crew of the Soyuz-TMA spacecraft, currently on its way to the International Space Station (ISS), will be well-shaven and exude the fragrance of quality deodorants when they step aboard the ISS, Galina Shumilina, an expert with the Russian Institute of Medical and Biological Problems, told RIA Novosti in an exclusive interview.

"Even on a space mission, men must take proper care of their appearance. The ISS does not welcome unshaven personnel on board," she pointed out.

According to Shumilina, there are no such things as special face and body care products for use in space. All toiletries on board are quite conventional in size, weight, form and content. The only exception is the Russian-made toiletry case "Comfort-2" neatly accommodating all the hygienic accessories that may be required in orbit. The crew chose the shaving accessories as well as their ISS clothes and shoes beforehand from a special "space" catalogue.

Head washing is quite a problem aboard a spacecraft. There is no shower or washstand in the ISS, so the crewmen use special shampoos that do need to be washed off with water. According to Galina Shumilina, "one of these shampoos, the Russian-made Aelita, is particularly good as it almost entirely consists of herbal essences and provides both nourishment and care for the skin of one's head. For that reason, the crew members never have dandruff." Once applied, most of the shampoo is promptly absorbed into the skin and hair, with the excesses easily removed with a moist napkin or towel.

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