Earth is on the verge of another catastrophe

For the past 65 million years, our planet has been through 5 major catastrophes that led to active extinction of flora and fauna.

In the course of this time, a number of living organisms on the planet has decreased by two thirds. Scientists claim that our planet is on the verge of sixth major catastrophe which is capable of destroying significant number of species. Some scientists however claim that destructive processes have already started.

Whereas earlier, giant meteorites, ice age and tectonic changes were responsible for those cataclysms on earth, nowadays Homo sapiens are to be blamed for extinction of numerous living organisms. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is alarmed. According to specialists, as much as 50% of animals and plants could be extinct in the not so distant future.

Nowadays, there exist two books: red and black. The first one includes those species that are already extinct (red). The second one includes those species that are on the verge of becoming extinct (black).

International Nature Conservancy Network (INCN) has painted a rather depressing picture of our future. There exist a total of nine levels of animal and plans classification that are on the verge of becoming fully extinct. The first three levels are especially alarming. Nearly 1000 types of flora and fauna are being enlisted in this category annually. By 2003 for instance, 1092 types were added to the list.

Recently, two major research studies dedicated to the issue of extinction have finished in England. The first one was headed by Jeremy Thomas. Statistical data the past 40 years was used for the analysis.

Insects turned out to face a greater risk of extinction. Insects in general and butterflies in particular are very sensitive even towards pollution of the atmosphere as well as climate change. At least, according to the data, butterflies suffered the most: 70% of types disappeared in 40 years.

Even those who do not possess deep knowledge of biology are alarmed, since everything in Nature is correlated. Everything that exists is created based on the principle of ecological pyramid. Thus, extinction of certain types of species leads to extinction of some types of animals and plants.       

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