Rosoboronexport Will Present Novel Air Defence And Electronic Warfare Equipment at MILEX 2003

Russia's arms exporter Rosoboronexport will present novel air defence and electronic warfare equipment at the 2nd international exhibition of weapons and military hardware, MILEX 2003, in Minsk, capital of Belarus.

According to a company spokesman, experts will certainly like the Buk-M1-2 medium-range air defence system with a modernised missile. He said "it is the world's only air defence missile system that can hit not only air targets, including Stealth class aircraft, but also ships." The Russian exposition will also include the Pechora-2M modernised air defence missile system and the Fenix 3D optronic infrared detection station. The modernisation of S-125 missiles for the Fenix increased its horizontal and vertical range to 32-36 km and 20 km, respectively, and reduced the number of requisite spares from 3,000 to 300, said the spokesman. In addition, "passive location information system makes the station nearly invisible to the opponent's technical reconnaissance." The Fenix station is a 3D infrared optronic system that is designed to automatically detect, track, identify and destroy various ground targets (tanks, APCs, IFVs). Waterborne targets (fast small boats) and air targets (subsonic and supersonic aircraft and missiles, including antiship cruise missiles, guided bombs, helicopters, etc.). It can be mounted on warships of various classes, ground transports and stationary bases.

"In view of the growing role of communications and jamming systems in troop control, the Russian exposition also features quite a few radio stations of different classes, receivers and radio-technical reconnaissance systems," said the spokesman. In particular, visitors will see the P-378A mobile automatic jammer, designed to detect, track and jam short-wave systems of the tactical command link; the Project R-864 aviation radio station with Belarussian-made equipment; the Afalina ARB-MKS naval rescue beacon, which uses the COSPAS-SARSAT international search and rescue system to quickly transmit the whereabouts of objects in distress; and the Akveduk system of radio equipment.

Clients can also see a wide range of novel designs, such as the mobile automated adaptive SW/USW communication system and the Bizon-2M small-sized communication system for frontline aircraft and helicopters.

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