Russian Ex-Airman to Make Single Round-The World Yacht Tour

Retired Lieutenant-General of aviation Oleg Anisimov, 60, will head for a single round-the-world yacht tour in mid-May. The yacht is called Valentina after Anisimov's wife, Dmitry Anisimov, the son of the courageous seafarer and head of the communications centre of the round-the-world tour, told a press conference.

No more than 10 people managed to round the Earth on the sea alone. No one over 60 was able to do it. According to travelling rules, the round-the-world tour will be registered by special international services if the daring yachtsmen crosses the fixed point on the equator in the centre of the Atlantic Ocean.

During the voyage Anisimov is not allowed to moor in passing ports and contact people who he meets on his way. This complicates the achievement of Anisimov's goal. However, the yacht will have cellular and radio communications in those parts of the planet where it is possible. Taking into account that the tour can last for 8-12 months, one can imagine how many hardships the ex-airman will have to overcome on his way.

Now the Valentina is heading for the place of start and finish, the Victoria Island (the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean). According to the head of the expedition, he has already loaded provisions and has to replenish water supplies on the yacht on the Seychelles and wait for favourable wind to start his round-the-world tour in mid-May.

According to the petition of the Russian Olympic Committee, the experienced military airman will be insured by its partner, the Renaissance-Insurance company, for the sum of 70,000 dollars. The insurance will be valid 24 hours a day in any part of the planet.

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