Russian wonder machine

Armored military vehicle able to swim and use the parachute has been constructed in Russia

Tests of new military machine model began recently near Russian city of Volgograd. It is the only multi-functional armored vehicle in Russia called "Rakushka". It was constructed by Volgograde Machine-Building company specialists. Representative of state enterprise "Rosoboronexport" Yuri Yasko said in an interview to RIA Novosti news agency that the armored vehicle was designated for parachute troops, but it is definitely going to be used by the Marines and ground forces as well. The vehicle is a renovated version of BMD-3 machine currently used by Russian military. It is used for transporting military personnel, weapons, fuel and wounded soldiers.

The vehicle is able to swim and land from the flying plane with the parachute or with the help of its own engine, reported a representative of Rosoboronexport company.

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