Russia readies Broneboishik or Armour Piercer rockets for ground attack aircraft

Russian ground attack aircraft to be armed to Armour Piercer rockets in 2023

Aircraft of the Russian ground attack aviation will receive the Broneboishik (Armor-Piercer) rocket no earlier than 2023, executive director of Tekhmash Concern of the Rostec State Corporation, Alexander Kochkin, told TASS

“Taking into account the purchase schedule of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the technological cycle for the manufacture of Broneboishik rocket, their supplies to the troops may begin no earlier than 2023,” Kochkin told reporters at MAKS-2021 air show, which takes place on July 20-25 in Zhukovsky near Moscow.

The director of the concern stressed that the above terms were dependent on the release of the relevant administrative documents, the work on the registration of which is being carried out at the moment.

Kochkin recalled that the Broneboishik rocket was designed to strike ground targets from various types of attack and transport-assault helicopters, Su-25 attack aircraft, and other military aircraft.

The rocket is known as the unguided aircraft missile S-8OFP Broneboishik ("Armor-Piercer"). Su-25 and Mi-8 helicopters will receive a missile that can explode in front of an obstacle, upon hitting an obstacle, pierce an obstacle and explode behind an obstacle.

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