Neurologist dispels three popular myths about coffee

Russian doctors breaks three coffee myths

Russian neurologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences Natalia Gurariy dispelled three most common myths about coffee, website reports.

According to the expert, coffee does not help sober up at all. On the contrary, coffee will only increase the alcohol poisoning of the body as caffeine and ethyl alcohol are poisons that require subsequent detoxification. The neurologist also noted that after a cup of espresso, alcoholic intoxication becomes more pronounced quickly.

Gurariy also said that coffee is considered to be one of the most invigorating drinks in the world, but this is only partly true. Coffee contains caffeine and theobromine — these are natural alkaloids that produce an opposite effect on the nervous system of the body. Caffeine, which works earlier, really helps to cheer up, but only for a short period of time. After about 30 minutes, theobromine will have a relaxing effect and the person may want to sleep. Therefore, the neurologist said, it is better to refrain from coffee when feeling tired and exhausted.

The ability of caffeine to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease is another misconception, the doctor said.

"Long-term coffee consumption is not associated with an increased risk of stroke in women. It may even reduce the risk in men, regardless of the presence of risk factors for developing cardiovascular diseases,” the neurologist concluded (it goes about moderate consumption of coffee — up to 300 milliliters a day).

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