USA's new directed energy weapon to become nightmare for Russia and China

USA to use new directed energy weapon against Russia and China

According to US military expert Peter Suciu, the United States may resort to the use of directed energy weapon (DEW) against Russia. Washington has resumed a project to create a new energy weapon. Such developments could become a real nightmare for the Russian army, the military observer believes. 

"In recent years, work has continued to develop such a directed-energy weapon based on technologies ready to field now, and this has included high-powered microwaves, while defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin have researched, designed, developed, and captured electromagnetic energy and elevated its power to create innovative directed-energy solutions. The use of directed energy would be a serious force multiplier, which is why so much emphasis has been placed on its development," the expert wrote for 19FortyFive website. 

GlobalData research company is currently engaged in the development of a highly prospective directed energy weapon project, Suciu noted. The analyst stressed that the company's project is considered very promising. Moreover, the author believes, DEW technologies have  the potential for a revolution in the defense industry. According to the expert, the US military command will use the new weapon against its enemies in the first place - Russia and China that is. Ultimately, DEWs will replace contemporary models of small arms, Suciu believes. 

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