France's new revolutionary submarine SMX-31E to outstrip all rivals

France works on revolutionary non-nuclear stealth AI submarine SMX-31E

The development of the electric-powered stealth submarine "SMX-31E" began in 2018 in France. The new vehicle, as it is expected, is to create a revolution in the field of non-nuclear submarines.

The submarine has a length of about 80 meters and a width of 10 meters. Its displacement amounts to 3,200 tons. It has a streamlined body to reduce noise. For the same purpose, the submarine is covered with special scale-like plates. Its high hydrodynamic performance will allow the submarine to be invisible to enemy radars and surpass competitors in speed.

The sub has horizontal rudders in the front and X-shaped ones in the rear. There is no conventional conning tower, but the sub features a specially designed fairing instead. Onboard systems of the submarine will have artificial intelligence involved, which will reduce the crew to 15 people.

The SMX-31E will be able to stay at depths of up to 350 meters for 40 days. The speed of movement under water will reach 20 knots (37 km/h).

The French submarine, as it is believed, will surpass all of its non-nuclear rivals. Lithium-ion batteries will be used on board to power two electric engines and other onboard systems. However, a backup diesel engine is still provided in case of an emergency.

The submarine will have 20 torpedoes (placed in the rear and in side parts of the hull), as well as eight unmanned underwater vehicles. Nothing is known about the time when the first model of the submarine is built.

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