Summer 2020 is expected to be the hottest summer in history

Meteorologists predict anomalous weather phenomena for summer 2020

Most of the Earth will experience abnormally high air temperatures and excessive precipitation.
The summer of 2020 will be special for abnormally high temperatures of the ocean surface in tropical latitudes and for the shortage of precipitation in South America and the Hindustan Peninsula. An abnormally high amount of precipitation is expected to fall over Australia, Indonesia and the eastern part of the Indian Ocean. These conclusions were made by the expert group that drafted the Global Seasonal Climate Bulletin for the World Meteorological Organization.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) publishes newsletters on seasonal climate four times a year. WMO forecasts are based on data received from 13 Global Long-Range Forecasting Centers from around the world. The report describing weather trends across the planet for May, June and July 2020 was released in late April. 

Experts compared the results of modeling based on fresh instrumental observations with normal trends. The latter are the curves built on the basis of long-term meteorological observations for 1993-2009. The scientists concluded that during the summer of 2020, temperatures of the surface layer of the atmosphere on most of the planet would be above normal values. A similar trend is expected as far as precipitation is concerned – there will be too much rain in many regions of the world. 

However, there will be less precipitation than usual over almost all of South America, Africa and  the Hindustan Peninsula. The Indonesian archipelago and Australia, on the contrary, will see an abnormally high level of precipitation. In the tropical latitudes of the world ocean a critical increase in water temperature is expected in the upcoming summer season.

Together, these phenomena indicate a possible increase in tropical cyclones and an increased risk for coral reefs.

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