Coronavirus pandemic to change the world unrecognizably

Coronavirus pandemic to change the world unrecognizably

Coronavirus has dramatically changed the world in which we live today. In fact, the world is changing before our very eyes, rapidly.

Many experts are convinced that the world is not going to be the same after the coronavirus pandemic. Today, the best place to be is home, countries have closed their borders and limited travel between cities.

Of course, it will end some day, but people will not be able to return to their habitual lifestyle after the pandemic.

As observer Nikolai Grinko notes, modern technology will change along with habits and rituals. Not ере long ago, many of us wondered why so many people in Asia wear masks in the streets.
Today, everyone knows about the need for masks, disposable gloves and sanitizers.

Many of us will keep the habit of washing their hands thoroughly, for not less than 20 seconds. New anti-virus coatings will be developed, because viruses can be destroyed on the surface of certain metals.

One may expect "antiviral" handrails in the subway, door handles and elevator buttons. Thin metal threads will be weaved into fabrics, so we will soon have clothes to protect us from infection.

Remote medicine will be developing as well. It goes about personal health monitoring systems. Many people can already monitor their basic vial signs, such as heartrate, blood pressure, we can track the number of steps taken and calories burned — one does not need to go to the hospital for this.

Many conservative things will also change. In the field of travel, for example, after quarantine is lifted, all tourists will be required to take tests and show certificates proving that they have no coronavirus infection.

Preventive measures at airports and train stations will work differently too. Transport will change too — there are projects to install special protective screens between chairs in trains and aircraft.

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