Russia shows action video of new missile that can protect Moscow from nuclear strike

Russia tests new missile that can protect Moscow from nuclear strike

The Russian Defence Ministry published a video of the test launch of the new air defence missile. The launch was conducted on the Sary-Shagan test site in Kazakhstan.

According to deputy commander of the missile defense system of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Colonel Vladimir Sergienko, the new air defence missile confirmed its performance characteristics and successfully struck a conventional target.

The Russian Aerospace Forces previously conducted a series of tests of new antimissiles from the Sary-Shagan test site. The site is used both for missile defense missile systems in service to confirm their characteristics and for tests of new short-range missiles.

The Defense Ministry did not specify the name of the missile, but noted that the missile defense system, from which it was launched, was already in service. Experts believe, however, that it goes about 53Т6М anti-missile from A-135 program. The anti-missile defense system A-135 aka Amur was created during the Soviet era to protect Moscow and repel a limited nuclear strike on the Russian capital and the central industrial region of the country.

The missile is designed to intercept parts of ballistic missiles at high altitudes and develops speeds of up to 10 Mach. The target interception range makes up about 2,000 kilometres. The USA has an analogue to this weapon - the GBI missile, assembled on the basis of the Minuteman II ballistic missile. Unlike the US model, the Russian missile is installed on mobile complexes, which makes its deployment possible anywhere.

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