Russia's Sukhoi Su-35 fighters show who is the master of the sky to US and Japanese fighter jets - Military news

Russia's Su-35 fighter jets humiliate eight warplanes of US and Japanese air forces

On January 28, the incident that occurred in the sky over the Far East of Russia west viral on social media. Two Russian Su-35 fighter jets detected the approach of four F-18 aircraft of the US Air Force. A Russian commander made a decision to monitor the approach of the "guests". 

One of the two Russian jets flew towards the leading F-18 of the American group of aircraft and took the closest position to its right. The crew of the F-18 started taking pictures of the Russian fighter. The crew of the Su-35 did the same and transmitted the pictures of the enemy to the command center on the ground.

The Americans did not like the superiority of the Su-35 in the air, so they called four F-15 fighter jets of the Air Force of Japan for help. The Japanese could not intercept the Russian fighter, and the maneuverability of the Su-35 showed everyone who is the real "master" of the sky.

Eight enemy aircraft simply put themselves up to shame. Bloggers dubbed the incident as "total superiority of the Russian and the total humiliation of the Americans." It is worthy of note that US military experts acknowledge the superiority of the Russian Su-35 over the American F-15.


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