Russia builds new robotic tank that can see live targets among buildings

Russia builds new robotic tank invulnerable to mines

Russian state corporation "Uralvagonzavod" is working on a robotic machine based on the T-72B3 tank, officials with the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation said.

The working title of the project is "Storm". The main goal of the new machine is to reduce human losses under the conditions of urban warfare. The developers have already built a model of the new tank and demonstrated how the new machine will move.

It was said that the new machine would be able to withstand rocket-propelled grenades and mine explosions. With all of its massive and thick armour, the new tank will have a relatively high level of manoeuvrability, representatives of Uralvagonzavod said.

The combat robot will be able to attack live targets in a 360 degree radius without damaging buildings. The robotic system is to be equipped with a fire system to strike pre-adjusted targets, so that the tank could shoot accurately even under the conditions of a smoke screen, torrential downpour, a blizzard, etc.

Curiously, the T-72B3 tank, which will form the basis of the new complex, costs almost a hundred million rubles.

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