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Chinese experts point out to huge drawback of F-22 versus Su-57

Chinese experts conducted a comparative analysis of Su-57 and F-22 aircraft and came to curious conclusions.

According to satellite images, the Russian military did deploy Su-57 fighter jets at Khmeymim airbase in Syria. Even though the Su-57 is a fifth-generation fighter, there were no special conditions provided for the airplane. Like all other aircraft, Su-57 fighters were parked in the open air, Chinese analysts noted.

At the same time, F-22 fighters are very often kept in air conditioned hangars. Chinese specialists wondered whether US fifth-generation stealth fighter aircraft need to be kept in air conditioned hangars indeed.

Originally, the F-22 was the first type of US stealth aircraft that can be serviced at the forefront. However, 50% of maintenance time for the F-22 has to be spent on the exploitation of radio-absorbing coating. Therefore, the F-22 turns out to be inferior to other traditional fighter aircraft in terms of maintenance works.


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