Sukhoi to unveil its new stunning fifth-generation fighter aircraft Su-67 at MAKS 2021 airshow

New Russian fifth-generation fighter jet Su-67 to be unveiled in 2021

Many foreigners were impressed by the video with the new Russian fighter jet. It is believed that Russia is going to unveil its new aircraft at MAKS-2021 airshow. The teaser about the new Russian fighter jet was published on the YouTube channel of Russia's Rostec Corporation. 

The video shows the contour of the new aircraft, elements of the control panel and aircraft control mechanisms. The video also names the designer of the new aircraft - the Sukhoi Design Bureau. 

Many admired the teaser of the new product and said they were looking forward to the official presentation.

“This is great, I hope that in the coming years, the relationship between the US and Russia will improve rather than worsen. Perhaps one day we will see the F-22 fly side by side with the Su-57 or this new aircraft, although I heard that it is mainly intended for export," a user under the moniker PanzerKitsune 131-232 wrote. 

On the night of July 19, a day before the official presentation, Rostec State Corporation published an extended version of the video, which revealed new features of the fifth-generation fighter jet. The video gave a sneak peak of the contours of the aircraft itself and its front view.

The video clearly shows the main features of the new aircraft:

  • the tricycle landing gear,
  • the cockpit glazed similarly to the "older" version,
  • the Su-57 fighter,
  • and a massive air intake underneath the fuselage. 

The new Sukhoi fifth-generation fighter jet may replace MiG-29 and MiG-35 fighters in the Aerospace Forces of Russia and subsequently become Russia's main export fighter aircraft. 

It was reported that the new Sukhoi fighter jet could get serial index T-75 and designation Su-67. 

Other details about the new aircraft remain unknown. The aircraft is designed on the basis of the integrated circuit technology with trapezoidal wings. There is no horizontal tail unit, and the keels, like those of the Su-57 aircraft, are set at a large angle. The domestic Product-30 unit will most likely be used as the main engine of the aircraft. This engine is currently in use for the Su-57 heavy fighter. The takeoff weight of the new aircraft will make up 18 tons.

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