Russia to launch three spacecraft to the Moon

Russia to launch three spacecraft to the Moon. 51999.jpeg

Russia is to launch a new lunar exploration program. In this regard, scientists plan to launch three new spacecraft.

The announcement of the new space exploration program was made by Academician Lev Zeleny, the director of the Institute of Space Research of the russian Academy of Sciences. According to him, the funding for the construction of three spacecraft - Luna-25, Luna-26 and Luna-27 has been provided.

Luna-25 and Luna- 27 are lunar rovers. With their help, scientists will explore the surface of Earth's natural satellite. Luna-26 will be a satellite of the Moon to explore the natural satellite from its orbit and relay the obtained information to the ground. 

Luna-25 will be launched in 2016, Luna-26 - in 2018, Luna-27 - in 2019, the academician said.  


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