Methane reserves on Saturn's Titan 40 times larger than on Earth


Images from Cassini spacecraft gave astronomers a great deal of new information about the seas of Titan, a moon of Saturn. The study of Ligei Sea showed that it is mainly composed of liquid methane. The amount of methane in that sea is about 9,000 cubic meters, which is 40 times greater than all proven oil and gas reserves on Earth. The sea is about 160-170 meters deep. In addition to methane, it contains propane, ethane, butane, ethylene and cyan. In 2014, astronomers plan to study the largest hydrocarbon sea of Titan, Kraken. 

Gases on Titan were converted into the liquid state as a result of local conditions. As told by Randy Kirk of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), many wonder whether it is possible to arrange the extraction of hydrocarbons near Saturn. However, apart from difficulties with delivery, the Earth does not have enough oxygen for combustion of this gas.


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