Apophis shows destructive power to Earth again

The asteroid, named after the Egyptian god of darkness and death, will approach Earth at a dangerous distance this afternoon, January 9th. Apophis will fly past our planet at 15:43 Moscow time.

At this time, according to NASA scientists, the distance between the asteroid and Earth will be 14.46 million kilometers. By standards of the universe, this is not so much. The 300-meter-long Apophis is classified as a "potentially dangerous" celestial body.

According to preliminary data, Apophis will approach the Earth again in 2035, 2036, and 2037 m respectively. For the first time on record, scientists point out the influence of the force of gravity on large asteroids.

The asteroid is too small to destroy life on the planet. It may cause major damage to the planet, though.  into any part of the earth to expect major disruptions. The approximate damage may be worth $400 billion, not counting numerous casualties. Next time, Apophis will appear in the night sky in 2029 and will be visible over Europe, Africa and West Asia.

Asteroid 2004 VD17 is much more dangerous than Apophis. It will cross the Earth's orbit on May 4, 2102.



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