Stunning colored fish named after President Obama

American ichthyologists have called the newly discovered species of small freshwater fish after President Barack Obama, RBC reports.

The exotic look of the fish is stunning. The scales of freshwater inhabitants glisten with all shades of blue and orange. The male fish, which scientists named Etheostoma obama, reach only five centimeters in length, the Russian News Service said.

The lower fins of the fish are colored in pale blue, and the upper ones are covered with orange and blue stripes. The nose of Etheostoma obama is red, the gill covers are blue, and the tail is covered with colored spots.

The name of the USA's first black president has already been given to a variety of many objects, but this is the first time when it is given to live creatures. In 2008, Obama's name was given to a mountain in Antigua and Barbuda. In 2009, the American president appeared on the shelves of Romanian pastry shops in the form croissants with chocolate filling. Nicaraguan Obama cigars immediately started to set sales records immediately after they were released, especially in the U.S., said NTV.

However, this is not the first such case in ichthyology. The waters of American water bodies are home to the fish named in honor of Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Theodore Roosevelt.


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