Women spend 17 years of their life trying to lose weight

Scientists have found out how much time women spend on their diets. For example, 90 percent of women in Britain have tried to go on a diet at least once in their life. In general, they spend 17 years trying to lose weight.  

As a rule, women begin to lose weight at age 18. Each attempt to become slim lasts for about seven weeks. On average, every woman goes on a diet nine times during her life. At least twice a year, ladies stop eating after 6:00 pm. As a result of each diet, most women lose up to 5 kilograms of weight.

Less than one percent of women can stick to one diet a year, but 30 percent of them successfully reduce their menu for six months. Women are motivated by the following factors: summer holidays (33 percent), health (22 percent), marriage (18 percent). More than a half of women said that they lose weight only to look better in clothes.

Girls and women believe that they can not lose weight because they like to eat (35 percent), that they do not have willpower to eat properly (33 percent) and because the prices on healthy foods are too high for them (20 percent).

"It's easy to make a decision to lose weight, when you need it for a specific purpose, or when you feel insecure being overweight. However, going on a diet and losing some pounds is actually quite complicated. It requires real effort," Kevin Dorren, the founder of the British company Diet Chef said. 

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