Early risers much happier than couch potatoes

Researchers from the University of Toronto in Canada believe that the people, who are not accustomed to sleeping up late, are happier than those who go to bed and get up late. This is manifested especially sharply with age: the earlier an elderly person gets up, the more optimism he or she has as compared to younger people, who sleep till noon, The Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper said.

The Canadian researchers conducted the study among 735 volunteers: 435 people aged 17-38 years and 300 people aged 59-79. It turned out that night people feel worse than morning people.

The main reason for early risers' happiness, as scientists believe, is that such people live in the usual rhythm. For night people, it is difficult to adapt to the standard rhythm of life. A common 8-hour workday is a problem for them. Because of this, they develop depression, and very often become dissatisfied with themselves and others.

In addition to psychological factors, the researchers pointed out the physiological one: early risers' immune system functions better. But scientists from the University of Roehampton, UK, added that morning couch potatoes gain weight much easier.


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