Health benefits of red wine purely commercial, new study says

Health benefits of red wine purely commercial, new study says. 46364.jpegScientists from the University of Connecticut stated that a number of studies that previously discovered a positive effect from the consumption of red wines, turned out to be false.

About five years ago, experts led by Dr. Dipak K. Das confidently declared that they discovered the benefit of antioxidants, namely resveratrol, in red wine, said. As stated by the researchers, the component contributed to decelerating the process of aging.

Later came an anonymous report in which Dr. Das and other laboratory staff were accused of fraud. The report also enumerated 146 facts of data fudging. In this regard, a formal investigation began in 2008. It was revealed that Dr. Das had received $890,000 of grants for the research, reports The study thus proved to be a commercial advertisement rather than a scientific research. 

Simultaneously, the university health center, which employs "Dr. Red Wine", has recently refused to accept another grant from the federal government. The grant was going to be provided to the defamed scientist for his further "scientific" research on the important subject.

In addition, all other earnings from various external sources for "Dr. Red Wine" were frozen.  To crown it all, the expert will most likely be fired from the Health Center at the University of Connecticut. 


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