Ancient buffalo found in Yakutia

Ancient buffalo found in Yakutia. 46106.jpegPaleontologists from Yakutia have unraveled another mystery. We have recently reported about the remains of the mammoth, which were found in Yakutia in the summer of the outgoing year. It turns out now that the scientists have also discovered the partially mummified remains of the ancient buffalo.

The buffalo was found in the Ust-Yansky district, on the territory of the paleontological reserve area "Yansky Mammoths." The body of the buffalo is well preserved, although it hardly has any fur on. The body of the ancient buffalo is being kept at the glacier of Yukagir clan. The buffalo will be delivered to Yakutsk after scientists complete the bacteriological analysis of the mummified animal.

Pre-historic buffalos were roaming the territory of present-day Yakutia several thousands of years ago. The new finding is another proof of this theory. The Yakutian authorities are currently working on intergovernmental agreements to deliver buffalos from Canada to their "historical motherland.

The remains of the mammoth, which were found near the village of Batagai in the north of Russia's Yakutia Republic, will probably help scientists clone the prehistoric animal. The researchers discovered the well-preserved fragments of mammoth's bone marrow.

The remains of the mammoth were found in Yakutia in August 2011. A group of Russian and Japanese scientists have recently discovered the genetic material, which will be required to clone the prehistoric animal. The scientists from Yakutia's Mammoth Museum and Japan's Kinki University have been studying the possibility of cloning mammoth for two years.


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