Multivitamins can bring nothing but harm to your health

Multivitamins can bring nothing but harm to your health. 45925.jpegScientists say that vitamin complexes may cause damage to your health.  The people who take multivitamins on a regular basis, develop the false feeling of protection and invincibility to viruses and infections.

A group of researchers of Taiwan conducted an experiment among 82 volunteers, Arguments and Facts newspaper said. The participants of the experiment were divided into two categories. Everyone received placebos, but one of the groups was told that they would have to take multivitamins.

A week later, the researchers asked the participants questions to find out the effects. Those people who believed that they were taking multivitamins had a higher percentage of casual sex encounters. They also consumed more alcohol and attended various parties and night clubs more often than the people from the other group. Those people were certain of their own physical forces. They ignored healthy food and physical exercises, which made the people lazier.

The results of the experiment prove that people believe that vitamins make them less sensitive to illnesses and various complications. As a result, people get lazy and act more impulsively, said. Needless to say that such an attitude is nothing but self-deception.

Multivitamins can only cause damage to the majority of people. For elderly women, such vitamins pose the risk of lethal outcome. An uncontrollable consumption of vitamins containing ferrum, cuprum, magnesium, folic acid, and B6 vitamin may lead to premature death.

Scientists polled as many as 40,000 women in their sixties. All the respondents filled out questionnaires in which they informed medics of the vitamins that they had consumed in 1986, 1997 and in 2004, reports. A large percentage of such women passed away earlier than those women who did not take vitamins.

Scientists do not have the answer to the question of how multivatamins may cause premature death. 


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