Mass grave of sacrificed children found in Peru

Mass grave of sacrificed children found in Peru. 45924.jpegThe researchers conducting archeological excavations at Sillustani, Peru, uncovered the remains of 44 children. The children were supposedly sacrificed 600-700 years ago. Before this finding, the researchers discovered the bodies of 200 people on the site.

The children were buried pairwise in baskets. The baskets were placed around 10-meter stone tower known as Chulpa Lagarto. The age of the children varied from several days to three years, the scientists said.

The archaeologists believe they belonged to the Kolla culture, which ruled parts of the Puno region of southern Peru between 1200 and 1450, the BBC said. THere were stones placed on the chests of all the children. A variety of offerings was found near the bodies - animals, food, dishes and jars.

The ceramic dishes with images of war scenes on them allows to assume that the children were sacrificed during a conflict between the Kolla culture and its enemies.

The archeological site of Sillustani is situated 1,300 km to the south-east from Lima, the capital of Peru. 


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