Yeti hunters never sleep

The so-called Yeti supposedly exists in different parts of the globe. He may exist in Asia and even in Russia's Siberia, not to mention Europe and the Americas.

The word "Yeti" appeared in Tibet. It is used by the people indigenous to the region. It is a compound of two Tibetan words - "rocky place" and "bear."

Officially, the first story about the ape-like creature appeared in 1889, when a British officer found gigantic footprints in the snow in the Himalayas. In 1925, photographer N.A. Tombazi, a member of the Royal Geographical Society, wrote that he had seen a bizarre hairy creature near Zemu Glacier. He did not take a picture of the Yeti because the latter disappeared out of sight very quickly.

A group of Polish citizens escaped from a Siberian camp during Stalin's era. The men managed to reach the borders of the British land in India. As they were traveling across Tibet, the fugitives came across two hairy creatures. The Poles stopped some 50 meters from the "beasts". They were watching them for nearly two hours. The creatures would not move from the path. The people began to make noise to scare the beasts away. However, one of the Yetis turned around and bared his white teeth. The fugitives immediately realized that they would have to retreat.

Some 50 years ago, a large group of scientists, reporters and even professional climbers set off for an expedition to Nepal. They did not find the mysterious creatures. They only discovered several hairs that supposedly belonged to the Abominable Snowman and took pictures of his footprints.

Russia's Yeti hunter Anatoly Fokin believes that the mysterious creatures live in the taiga to the south-east off the town of Kotelnych. The man takes a very good bath and scrubs himself thoroughly to get rid of the human smell before he leaves home. The man installs cameras on the trees and hopes that some day he will present the undeniable evidence of Yeti's existence.

Margarita Troitsyna

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