Yeti's existence in Russia 95 percent proved

The expedition and the scientific conference with the participation of Russian and foreign scientists drew to a close in the Kemerovo region of Russia. The events were held to either prove or deny the existence of the Yeti in the region. The press service of the regional administration said that Yeti's existence was confirmed on the level of 95 percent.

Boxer Nikolai Valuev, as well as researchers from Russia, the USA, Canada, Sweden and Estonia visited the Tashtagolsky district of the Kemerovo region. They also visited the Azassky Cave, where the Yeti is thought to live.

"During the mission to the Azassky Cave, the members of the conference collected conclusive evidence proving the existence of the Yeti in Mountainous Shoria. The researchers found its footprints, the supposed resting place and various markers, which Yeti use to mark their territory," Interfax quoted officials representing the regional administration.

Officials also said that Russian scientist Anatoly Fokin found several hairs, which probably belonged to the Yeti. The hairs were found in one of the discovered footprints. The hairs, as well as other evidence, will be analyzed in the laboratory.

Foreign specialists found the resemblance between Yeti's footprints and the footprints of the creatures that were seen in USA's Michigan. Ingemar Ramel, a Swedish researcher, put forward an idea to conduct excavation works in the Azassky Cave.

"Summing up the results of the work, the participants of the conference concluded that the discovered evidence prove the existence of the Yeti in the Kemerovo region on the level of 95 percent," the message from the administration also said.

The Yeti has already become a symbol of Mountainous Shoria. Yeti souvenirs became the most popular goods in the Tashtagolsky district of the region. The local authorities even organized a special holiday last year - the Yeti Day. The day will be celebrated every year on the day of the opening of the skiing season.


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