Coffee makes women more intelligent, but stupid - men

43266.jpegAccording to new research by British scientists, women who drink coffee may perform better in stressful situations than those on decaffeinated beverages. For men, it's the opposite.

The caffeine in coffee is known to fight drowsiness and act as a stimulant, and previous research has suggested it might also protect against liver damage, diabetes, Alzheimer's and inflammatory conditions such as gout.

Psychologist Dr Lindsay St Claire and colleagues from Bristol University decided to find out the effects of caffeinated coffee in high stress situations such as in the work place, reports.

Total of 64 men and women participated in this study and each paired with same-sex partners. Each pair is given a variety of tasks to be completed, including negotiating, solving puzzles and memory tests.

To increase the level of stress, each participant must explain their task presentation in public. Each pair is then given coffee with caffeine or no caffeine and monitor the experiment, result, male participants had difficulty to deal with stressful situations, after taking coffee with caffeine in considerable numbers.

For example, they spent 20 seconds longer to solve puzzles than participants who consumed decaffeinated coffee. However, for women, consume coffee with caffeine actually save their work to 100 seconds, Home Daily News informs.


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