Biblical story about parting of Red Sea could be true, study says

41713.jpegThe Biblical story about the parting of the Red Sea may really have happened - with a little help from some freak weather conditions, say researchers.

A new computer modelling study, using information from the time, suggests that a powerful wind could have divided the waters, allowing Moses and the Israelites to escape Egypt. But the likely location of the "miracle" was not the Red Sea itself, but an area of the Nile Delta region nearby, Sky News reports.

The researchers used archaeological records, satellite images and current day maps to estimate the water flow and depth that may have existed 3,000 years ago, then used computer simulation to simulate the impact of wind at the site. They found that a wind of 63 miles an hour, lasting for 12 hours, would have pushed back waters estimated to be six-feet deep.

This would have exposed mud flats for four hours, creating a dry passage about two to two and half miles long and three miles wide. The water would be pushed back into both the lake and the channel of the river, creating barriers of water on both sides of newly exposed mud flats, The Guardian informs.


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