MiKandi Launches App Store for Google Android Platform

The search giant Google may release some form of hardware platform in January.

Despite blog speculation, and even 'leaked photos', of full-blown Google smartphones, it is unlikely that the company will compete with its own licensees. Instead, we would expect it to release a series of reference designs that can be used, in particular, by low end or white label suppliers, to extend Android's reach - and that of Google's web services - beyond the smartphone.

Such designs could be harnessed, in particular, to drive closer cooperation between Google and various operators, notably Verizon Wireless, which plans to announce codeveloped devices to drive a midrange, own-branded web services strategy. Operators are increasingly aiming to create their own distinctive mobile web experiences to keep customers loyal, and Google wants to be part of that process, though arguably many carriers will find a more neutral platform like LiMO an easier bedmate, Register reports.

It was also reported, e arly last week, startup MiKandi launched a 3rd-party app store for Android phones which will allow any developer to sell adult-oriented content for the Google Android platform, which includes devices such as the Verizon/Motorola DROID, the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G and the Samsung Moment/HTC Hero on Sprint.

So far, there isn’t much in terms of raciness to look at on MiKandi. The app store has only just been released for 3rd-parties to “plug in”, so to speak. As of today, it only has a single demo app, Dildroid, which controls the intensity of an Android device’s vibrator function.

What’s important here, however, is not what applications MiKandi offers now but what it promises for the future, which is the ability for there to be MANY independent app stores for Android phones, which could be targeted towards different industries and audiences, ZDNet reports.

News agencies also report, MiKandi 's mobile app store will exclusively cater to adults whose brain food consists of content that reflects their age. Yes, the sort of stuff some prefer to refer to as porn.

MiKandi's publicity material naturally avoids this term, referring to the more PC phrase "adult only." However, there is a little kink in its offering. According to Android fanperson site, Phandroid, the MiKandi Market apps only work with Android phones and not with Apple's more morally minded handsets.

Cupertino steadfastly sticks to its policy of refusing to allow apps filled purely with adult content, though some might dispute whether its definition of "adult" isn't occasionally a little idiosyncratic.

Not for a moment would one suggest that Verizon or Motorola or the deities at Google are necessarily in favor of porn apps. However, MiKandi is attempting to take advantage of the fact that the Android system is more open than the iPhone's, CNET News reports.

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