Cho Seung-Hui Tells He Didn’t Harbour Suicidal

Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui repeatedly told counsellors he did not harbour suicidal or homicidal thoughts, newly released health files indicate.

The documents include those that were found last month, two years after Cho killed 32 people at the US university.

The records indicate the therapists found Cho depressed and anxious but saw no evidence he would commit violence.

The medical treatment of 23-year-old Cho, who committed suicide, has been a major issue in the investigation , BBC News reports.

Meanwhile, the gunman who in 2007 went on the nation’s worst campus killing spree was interviewed several times by Virginia Tech health officials more than a year before his attack, but in each instance he denied homicidal thoughts and was not admitted for treatment, according to mental health records released Wednesday by the university , New York Times reports.

Some of Mr. Cho's mental-health records had been missing, but were recently discovered among the personal files of the school's former counseling director, Robert Miller, who says he removed them inadvertently when he was reassigned in early 2006. Ed McNelis, Mr. Miller's lawyer, said the records show that Mr. Cho was properly evaluated and showed no sign of suicidal or homicidal tendencies , Wall Street Journal reports.

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