Microsoft explores market of embedded systems

Microsoft is treading its way to the field of embedded devices by launching Windows CE (also known officially as Windows Embedded CE since version 6.0, and sometimes abbreviated WinCE), a variation of Microsoft's Windows operating system for minimalistic computers and embedded systems.

At the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley 2008 in San Jose, Microsoft exhibited its roadmap for Windows Embedded. The company announced its decision to rename its Windows Embedded product families and marked rough timeframes of the systems:

- Windows Embedded Standard in stead of Windows XP Embedded in 2008

- Windows Embedded Compact in stead of Windows Embedded CE in 2009

- Windows Embedded POSReady in stead of Windows Embedded for Point of Service in 2009

The company not only offers the new generation of smart devices, but actually enable everyone interested to get free training for the $125 Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Certification examination on May 5, 2008.


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