Back and neck pains deliver blow upon Americans' wallet

Back and neck are making a wreck. A new study shows that the American nation experiences an outbreak of new health problems. This time they complain of severe back and neck pains.

The Journal of the American Medical Association revealed the information that Americans are spending more money than ever to treat these pains. But the treatment and medications cost a pretty penny.

Since 1997 back and neck pains have brought more than 65% rise for treatment and 171% increase in drug purchase. In 2005 nearly $86 billion dollars were spent to solve this problem.

The main ways of treatment are the following:

- Heat therapy

- Use of medications, such as muscle relaxants, narcotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or paracetamol  (acetaminophen)

- Exercises

- Physical therapy and exercise

- Massage therapy

- Acupuncture

- Education, and attitude adjustment to focus on psychological or emotional causes - respondent-cognitive therapy and progressive relaxation therapy can reduce chronic pain.

- Surgery

The victims of back or spinal problems spent about $6,000 each on medical care in 2005. The numbers are increasing each year, perhaps, because of the changing life style.

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