Internet users should not be afraid of private data disclosure while downloading and sharing files

Promusicae lost a lawsuit against a Spanish Internet provider that refused to reveal the identity of customers sharing music downloads.

The court decided that the protection of authors' rights does not imply the communication of personal data (this is required only in criminal investigations or in order to safeguard public security and national defence).

, a trade group representing the Spanish recording industry, filed a lawsuit in hope to force Telefonica, a Spanish telecommunication company, to disclose private information of provider’s several clients. The company turned to these extreme measures because its profits were being eaten up by pirated downloads and file-sharing.Promusicae

For inability to decide upon the case the Spanish court handed it to the European court that in its turn raised the question of amendments to the requirements of the protection rights.

The question echoed in such industry fields as film, television and music, and launched the EU-wide desire to introduce an obligation to reveal personal data.





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