Russian manufacturers of civil aviation engines are eager to beat foreign competitors

It is likely that Perm Motors after long discussions will finally secure its leading role in the sector of civil aviation engines. Moreover, the new developments of the company which is about to become the core of the civil engine cluster allow for far reaching international ambitions. Managing director and general designer of Perm Motors Alexander Inozemtsev recently announced that from the next year 2008 the company starts a huge project of creating a new perspective family of engines for civil aircraft. “Serious support from the federal budget” has been promised by the state for the engine designers.

Noteworthy, the project of Perm Motors deals not with a particular engine, but a whole new family of engines suitable for any Russian and practically any foreign aircraft. It goes without saying that performance wise the engines correspond to all existing and perceptive requirements of ICAO and the manufacturers of Boeing and Airbuses. New engines in the niches between 7 and 20 tons thrust will have principally new gas generator. It is planned that with these engines Perm Motors will secure a stable position in the aviation market in the nearest 30-40 years. Russian designers acknowledge that the characteristics they strive for are really very ambitious. “If we create such gas generator, it will be the best in the world”, said Alexander Inozemtsev. Russian Perm Motors intends to compete in the niche covering 60% of the world market of the aviation engines of the above classes before 2025. On the other hand Perm Motors declares it has always fulfilled the tasks set.

However, it is true that nowadays no company alone is capable of fulfilling such huge projects alone. This must be considered in the context of the reforms taking place in the sector of Russian engine-building. Perm Motors itself consists of a number of traditionally linked group of companies. Besides, to a different degree practically all national companies dealing with aviation engines will participate in the project, including CIAM, Saturn, Salyut, Klimov and other.

Respective agreements with the companies-participants were signed last August. All accept the leading role of Aviadvigatel (part of Perm Motors) and are ready to participate as co-authors. It will be the largest project in the new Russian history. There have been no anything similar since the times of socialism, according to A.Inozemtsev.

Yuri Seleznyov

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