Arkhangelsk: The governor and the clergy representative Tikhon put into operation a new glass melting apparatus of “Severny Reid”

A scarlet melted glass is casted in moulds. A hot mass is transformed into bottle with some actions in a minute. The administration of region and town admired the opening of new glassmelting apparatus of the enterprise “Severny Reid”. This event was the main part of business visit program of the governor N.Kiselev and the director of industry department region’s administration A.Gurov in Severodvinsk. Arkhangelsk and Holmogory archbishop Tikhon was invited to the opening of glass melting apparatus.

The general director of “Severny Reid” S.Barmin, the mare A.Beliaev and the general director of “Zvezdochka” N.Kalistratov met guests at “historical complex” “Severny Reid”, K.Marx street where is the glass production after the enterprise’s joining to “Polarnaya Zvezda”. During the production the red ribbon was cut according to traditions.

The church representative made the ceremony. It’s necessary to add that the apparatus was prepared to put into operation, i.e. to heat under the proper glass melting temperature. The officials and journalists were demonstrated its characteristics and possibilities while unique decorated bottles were being manufactured, “Severny Reid” was famous with products either in Russia and abroad. Now the apparatus continues to operate both days and nights, it has been stopped due to the construction for three months.

A.Yakovlev the executive director of “Severny Reid” said that according to our project a new apparatus was constructed from Belgium bacor, a special hot steady material, and warming equipment, i.e. molibden rods were transported from Germany. Due to import compounds the service period raised in two times by comparing to Russian ones.

He also added that the quality of glassware and production would improve and the output would be up to three tones with 45 thousand goods. Andrey Vladimirovich did not report the whole information about quality improvement. The products of “Severny Reid” were awarded medals and diplomas of Russian and International exhibitions. Awards decorate the improvised museum at the enterprise. Guests could assess the variety of glassware sets and handmade vases. By the way the enterprise represented one of the most magnificent sets of glassware named “The crown of Russian empire” at the competition “100 best goods of Russia” held from July to October.

The glass miracle gained the golden sign and the diploma of competition member. The governor awarded the sign “The best quality’ to the director of glass production of “Severny Reid” Saita Zhitnukhina.

Nikolay Ivanovich paid attention to the native enterprise at which he had been working for nine years. The excursion of stand-hall at “Polarnaya Zvezda” was the second part of program. The main production of joint enterprise consists of defense enterprise orders. The governor was demonstrated the equipment, different batteries, electron chips and coils that would be transported to “Zvezdochka” and enterprise’s facilities which weren’t put into use in full scope though it would operate up to 100%. Sergey Barmin informed at the debating-hall that about 65% of enterprise’s facilities were not used now and we were forced to give subcontractors about half of works, but we could do it ourselves.

If other enterprises trusted us more orders we could manage the more works, we also had the possibility. He reported that at that moment we lacked of personnel for the expansion and 1513 persons were working at the enterprise and about half of them were highly qualified staff. But “Severny Reid” was ready to admit new specialists and to pay proper wages on the level of main enterprises in the town. We made the contract with the special technical school 19 that educates future workers.

N.Kiselev agreed that professional schools needed the maintenance not only from officials and the administration was planning the increase of students’ state scholarship in two times, but enterprises should also educate specialists otherwise there was the lack of personnel. Then they discussed the question of ordinary hunger. Going to the refectory the governor said that the lunch was considered as a symbol of enterprise revival. Not long ago we were forced to take off radiators. Now the refectory’s interior is decorated with fountains and you can smell cakes.

Journalists asked the governor persistently what he felt walking on empty shops of enterprise. Nikolay Ivanovich answered that at first it was the joy of meetings with former colleagues. It was nice to see that the enterprise was reviving without rate as we wish. It had all necessary possibilities for improvement and we would maintain it. The project about the creation of technopark based on “Polarnaya Zvezda” was being invented, there were also reserved facilities of this complex. He was very glad that the joint venture operated in all specialized profiles, outputs either qualitative consumer goods and ship equipment.

At the end of visit the general director of “Severny Reid” asked question about electrification, i.e. the payment of kw per hour is more than forty kopeks than other defense enterprises’ ones. The governor promised to find out that question. A.M.

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