Mothers of Beslan do not seek political asylum abroad

A message was distributed on the day of the anniversary of the hostage crisis in Beslan, in which the people, who suffered in the terrorist act, supposedly ask for a political asylum in any country where human rights were observed.

The address was distributed on behalf of the public organization, the association of terrorist act victims, The Mothers of Beslan. Representatives of the organization were handing over leaflets with the address during mourning ceremonies in Beslan to foreign reporters only.

The document particularly runs that parents and relatives of those killed in the school siege in Beslan on 3 September 2004 have lost any hope for the fair investigation to find those guilty of the tragedy.

”We ask to grant us a political asylum in any country which observes human rights. We ask you to grant us entry to your state, where will be law-abiding citizens respecting your laws,” the address says.

The document says that the address has been signed by 500 people, although none of the signatures are presented, RIA Novosti reports. Furthermore, a spokeswoman for The Mothers of Beslan committee, Susanna Dudiyeva, said that the committee had nothing to do with the address.

”This is not the opinion of the entire committee, it is only a point of view of several individuals,” another member of The Mothers of Beslan, Julieta Basiyeva said. “We saw the address and we are aware of its existence, although we are not going to distribute it further on,” said she.

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