Russian-speaking pupils in Crimea will be made to teach Ukraine language

In several dozens of Crimean schools all the subjects will be taught in Ukraine language. Pupils and parents’ opinions are not entertained. The decision roused a wave of discontent among Russian-speaking population.

Russian-speaking pupils will begin the new educational term with the study of foreign language. The educational process in more than 150 Crimean schools will be run in Ukraine language. The news caused the organization of protest meetings, in which hundreds of citizens took part, Russian TV-channel NTV reports. The protests are hold throughout the whole territory of the country, including such big cities, as Kharkov, Odessa, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk. These cities were among others, who voted against Victor Yuschenko, the present Ukraine president. The capital of the country, Kiev, where the citizens supported the president at the elections, is also against the current reform. The Kievers hold protest meetings together with other Ukrainians.

According to numerous sociological researches, more than 85% of the Crimean population and about 50% of the Ukrainian population believe Russian is their native language. Those, who want to be taught in Ukraine or Crimea-Tatar languages, can enter special schools, which are purposely opened. However, the children are devoid of the right of choice.

The officials assure that the decision was taken in consideration with local citizens’ wishes. But the parents, on the contrary, say the officials force or instigate them to write applications about the change of language teaching. They add they will continue the protests actions. The citizens complain nobody asks their opinion. The protesters also claim they are going to ask The Council of Europe to protect their rights from officials’ infringement.

Meanwhile, 14 more Russian schools in Crimea got the status of schools educating in Ukraine language.

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