Adamov's lawyers hope Russia will not demand his extradition

The lawyers of former Russian nuclear-energy minister Yevgeny Adamov hope that the Russian Government will not press for his extradition, an anonymous member of Adamov's US defense team said.

"Dr. Adamov made it clear that he will go to Russia as a free man after his release," the lawyer said over the phone from Washington.

"I hope the Russian Government will admit that there is no need to extradite him because Adamov is determined to return to Russia. We hope the Russian Government will make this decision," he added.

On June 9 the Swiss Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona ruled that Adamov's arrest was unlawful, and that he be released. The court upheld an appeal by Adamov's lawyers as regards the actions of the Federal Justice Department that authorized his arrest in Berne.

"We are quite satisfied with the decision that Adamov's arrest in line with a US request was unlawful," the lawyer said.

"Dr. Adamov still wants to leave Switzerland, to go to Russia as a free man and to fight unjustified charges," he stressed.

The Federal Justice Department asked the Federal Criminal Court to delay Adamov's release pending an appeal to the Swiss Federal Court in Lausanne.

The Federal Justice Department has 30 days to appeal this decision in Lausanne. The Federal Court's decisions cannot be appealed.

The lawyers contested the legality of Adamov's first, May 2, arrest in line with a US request. On June 9 it has become known that Adamov was arrested once again but this time in accordance with a Russian request.

On June 7 the Federal Justice Department issued another warrant for Adamov's arrest in line with the Russian extradition request. Adamov's lawyers may file a claim with the Federal Criminal Court.

Adamov, who served as Russia's nuclear-energy minister in 1998-2001, was arrested May 2 in Berne at the request of the US Justice Department. The US side may submit an official extradition request by June 30.

Switzerland received the Russian extradition request on May 17. Moscow's Basmanny court issued a warrant for Adamov's arrest on May 14. And the Russian Prosecutor-General's Office charged Adamov with fraud and malfeasance.

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