State Duma to censure attempts to review WWII results

On April 20, the State Duma will consider the draft resolution in connection with the 60th anniversary of Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 against Nazi Germany, State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov told journalists on Tuesday.

He said that the resolution concerns, first of all, the position of a number of countries that advocate the revision of the WWII results. This particularly concerns the Baltic States.

The document emphasizes that the State Duma deputies emphatically condemn the attempts to diminish the contribution of the Soviet Army in the victory over Nazism. The policy of connivance as regards the accomplices of Nazism pursued by some countries evokes special indignation. With the permission of these countries' authorities, veterans of former German SS troops are marching upon the land covered by the blood of Soviet soldiers, monuments to former Nazi collaborators are being erected and they are referred to as fighters for independence.

The resolution points out that the desire of some countries to rewrite history is an insult to the sacred memory of millions of victims of this inhumane ideology, of soldiers of the anti-Hitler coalition countries, including their own compatriots, who were killed in WWII, fighting against Nazism. "This position is immoral, cynical and unacceptable for civilized countries," Duma deputies point out.

The supreme human values that united the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition during the war have not lost their meaning today. They should become the foundation for the education of younger generations, so that the tragedy of World War II would never repeat, the resolution concludes.

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