Sovkomflot: To Russia With Love

Experts come up with new versions concerning the possible reasons for D. Skargi's resignation from the post of a managing director of "Sovkomflot". So far the only logical explanation seems to be that the company's former managerial team has been pushing the process of privatization of "Sovkomflot" to the limits.

Russian media has discussed the matter quite a number of times. It has been noted that the company's managerial team was the one interested in privatization the most.

Nowadays, analysts agree that the accelerated process of privatization was not the only reason to cause state's discontent. In addition, they also mention the fact that the entire corporate structure appeared rather weak, ineffective and failed to comply with up-to-date requirements outlined by the company during the entire time while Mr. Skarga was at power.

Apparently, the function of legalization of cargo weight has been duplicated by two company's subsidiaries in Geneva and in London; all technical management staff was run by the office in Cypress. Such "shady" business operations in turn ensure that foreign customers will always be the main priority.

Today, the company's leadership faces the following task: to satisfy interests of Russian freighters in the first place. Therefore, it is necessary to actualize the company's managerial structure, to perfect the effectiveness of corporeal relationships in order to avoid set backs in future.

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