Putin visited Chechnya this morning

On Tuesday morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Chechnya. He said this at a conference with the cabinet in the Kremlin.

"I spent this morning in the Chechen Republic, in Grozny. I'd like to discuss the results of my trip because some questions require urgent solution," said Putin.

He added he had had a few business meetings and conferences, including with the leadership of the Chechen government.

"We discussed socio-economic development and security of the republic," said the head of state.

He added that newly appointed deputy plenipotentiary of the Russian president to the southern federal district Oleg Zhidkov had been introduced to the Chechen government. Putin noted that this post had been additionally introduced.

"Oleg Zhidkov grew up in Chechnya and worked there for a long time. In 2001-2003, he was Mayor of Grozny [Chechen capital]," said the Russian leader.

The president instructed the cabinet to report on the progress in increasing the personnel of the Chechen interior ministry on his instructions to acting Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov and acting Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev.

"We have long been working over the reinforcement of the Chechen interior ministry. The Chechen interior minister has requested to accelerate the reinforcement with 1,125 people. I am asking the acting interior minister and acting prime minister to consider this issue, to address it urgently and report on its implementation before the end of the day," the Russian president said at the conference with the cabinet.

Vladimir Putin also ordered to set up a group of representatives of ministries and departments and send it to Chechnya in the next few days to organise assistance to the republic.

"It would be helpful if the group were headed by somebody from the economic bloc of the government. Perhaps, it could be Minister of Trade and Economic Development German Gref because these are mostly economic issues," the Russian president said at the Kremlin conference.

We should make sure that there is no setback in the Chechen republic's restoration, said the Russian president.

"Of course, the May 9 tragedy is another lesson for us. This is a big tragedy and loss for us," said the president.

"However, we should make sure that Chechnya's restoration and revival has a law-enforcing, legal and organisational component at its basis, which are so fundamental that nobody will manage to avert the process," said the head of state.

"We have the support of people in Chechnya. This is a basic token of success. We should only justify their trust and help them restore the republic," said Putin.

Vladimir Putin demanded that a single plan be worked out for the restoration of Grozny.

"Despite the fact that something is being done there, it all looks horrifying from a helicopter," said Putin.

He continued that the priority task was to pay damage to the people who lost their housing and are returning home. "This task should be solved within the set period of time," said Putin.

At the same time, Grozny cannot be restored through compensations alone.

"We need a single plan and resolute efforts in this sphere," said the head of state.

Vladimir Putin instructed leaders of power bodies to provide all-out assistance to the investigators probing into the terrorist act in Grozny on May 9.

"The culprits must be found," the president demanded.

He also instructed the Russian cabinet and the Chechen government to help those who were injured during the May 9 explosion and asked acting Health and Social Development Minister Mikhail Zurabov to pay special attention to this issue.

"If hospitals and doctors in Chechnya need something, provide them with it," said Putin.

The Russian president continued that he had visited the barracks of the newly accommodated 46th brigade of internal troops on Tuesday.

"You can be sure that people were not ready for my visit because I took the decision [to visit the barracks] on the spot when I was in Chechnya," said Putin.

The head of state confessed that he was pleased to see good living conditions in the barracks.

"I want to compliment all those in the government and interior ministry who were directly involved in it [the accommodation]," said the president.

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