Chechen leader killed, but undefeated - President Putn

Chechen leader Ahmad Kadyrov has been killed, but not defeated, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized as he expressed his condolences to Kadyrov's son Ramzan at a tete-a-tete meeting Sunday. Kadyrov passed away on May 9, a national holiday in Russia, and he left this world undefeated, President Putin said. He described Kadyrov as "a true, heroic person," all of whose activities convincingly proved that the people of Chechnya should not be associated with Chechen terrorists and warlords. In his four years as the leader of Chechnya, Ahmad Kadyrov did his best to live up to the Chechen people's expectations and to bring them back peace and stability, Putin said. In his turn Ramzan Kadyrov said that a choice made by the Chechen people was a conscious one. According to the Kremlin staff, Prime Minister of Chechnya Sergei Abramov will be acting as President until the next election, in accordance with Article 76 of the republican constitution. Kadyrov was killed in an explosion in the Chechen capital of Grozny this morning. The blast was caused by a bomb, which went off at the VIP section of a stadium where an official ceremony to mark V-E Day was taking place.

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