62% in poll favor censorship for TV

A nationwide poll has found that 62% of Russians think television should be subject to government censorship. The poll, conducted April 17-18 by the All-Russia Center for Public Opinion Research (VTsIOM), interviewed respondents in 100 population centers throughout the Russian Federation.

The youngest age-group (18-24 years) was the least likely to favor government censorship (49% in favor), with the oldest group (60 years and up) most likely to favor it (71%).

Among political groupings, the highest support for censorship came from supporters of Homeland (77%) and the Communist Party (69%). But supporters of other parties were not far behind: Union of Right Forces (64% in favor of censorship), United Russia (63%) and Liberal-Democrats (62%).

As to censorship by type of programming, 9% of respondents would like to see censorship of programs on political topics, while 5% would like to see it applied to analytical-informational programs. For programs involving sex and pornography, 36% favor censorship; 32% of those polled say that programs involving fighting, violence, cruelty and crime should be subject to censorship. Some 22% of Russians would like to see advertisements censored.

In all, 1,600 persons were interviewed. The margin of error was estimated at 3.4%.

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