Russia to adopt a Topol-M mobile missile system

Russia's armed forces are getting ready to adopt a new mobile missile system, Topol-M.

"Last week, an important event took place in the armed forces, which was even a phase in a sense. This was the testing of a new mobile missile system," President Vladimir Putin said at his meeting with the cabinet in the Kremlin on Monday.

According to Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov, the strategic missile forces made another launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) of the Topol M mobile missile system. In his words, this testing launch was made at a maximal range of 11,500 km.

"The main task of the launch was to confirm the capacities of the system and assess the flight properties of the missile," said the minister.

"The model of the combat unit arrived in the central part of the Pacific as scheduled and was registered by a measuring complex of the space force onboard a naval ship, which had been brought to the area in advance," said the defence minister.

"In other words, the launch was a success," said Mr. Ivanov.

"Another launch is due, and then we will be able to decide on adopting this new system," said the minister.

Sergei Ivanov also informed the Russian president that Russian defence ministry subunits continued to fix the infiltration of separate foreign mercenaries from abroad to the mountains of Chechnya and eliminate them.

"I'd like to inform you that separate foreign mercenaries and militants from abroad were still being registered in the mountains of Chechnya where the defence ministry subunits, above all commandos of the main intelligence department, are responsible for security. In this connection, we are taking quick and effective measures," said Mr. Ivanov.

"Effective, what do you mean?" the president asked the minister.

"They are being eliminated," answered Mr. Ivanov.

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