Lenin played a positive role in country's history according to 63% of Russians

Sixty-three percent of Russians favorably judge the role Lenin played in the history of the country, according to experts at the polling company Romir Monitoring. An all-Russia survey in April also found that 30% of respondents had a negative view of Lenin's role, and 7% did not have an answer.

In 2001, 66% of respondents had a positive view of Lenin, and 24% negative, whereas in 2003, 65% said they viewed the Soviet leader favorably, and 24% negatively.

Regardless of the fact that changes have been minor, it is possible to say that there is a marked trend at work - that the younger a person is, the less loyalty he feels towards the person of Lenin. Only 44% of young people aged 18-24 were prepared to give a favorable response -- as many as responded negatively -- and fully 12% had no opinion whatsoever.

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