Vladimir Putin officially declared elected President of Russia

The Central Election Commission (CEC) officially announced at its Tuesday meeting that Vladimir Putin was the elected President of the Russian Federation.

"The presidential elections are recognized valid and Vladimir Putin is regarded an elected President of the Russian Federation," a CEC resolution says.

It is noted in the resolution that the lists of the voters at the time when the voting ended on March 14 included 108,640,281 names. Of that number, 69,581,761voters took part in the elections, and 49,565,238, or 71.31%, voted for Putin.

"According to official data, 13.69% of the ballots were cast for Nikolai Kharitonov, 4.1% voted for Sergei Glazyev, 3.8% for Irina Hakamada, 2.2% for Oleg Malyshkin, 0.75% for Oleg Mironov, and 3.45% voted against all candidates.

The CEC resolution on the presidential election returns and also the data on the number of ballots cast in favor of each of the registered presidential candidates will be published in Rossiiskaya Gazeta, Parlamentskaya Gazeta, the Vestnik Tsik RF journal and circulated among other mass media.

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