Moscow dismisses allegations that terrorists bought nuclear weapons in Russia

A spokesman for the Russian nuclear energy ministry, which is being transformed into the Federal Nuclear Energy Agency, has flatly dismissed a possibility that terrorists could buy nuclear weapons in Russia.

"This is bluff, as it is simply impossible to purchase nuclear weapons, or even its component parts, in Russia," a former ministry official said in a RIA Novosti interview as he commented on the statement by Aiman al-Zawahri, an Al-Qaeda leader, to the effect that the organisation had acquired nuclear weapons.

No cases of losing nuclear weapons or attempts to purchase such weapons have been registered in Russia, assured the source.

Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir had told in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corp channel about his meeting with Mr al-Zawahri, who is the right hand man of international terrorist Osama bin Laden.

Mr. al-Zawahri said several dozen million dollars gave access to "smart," compact nuclear bombs on the black market of Central Asia and Russia.

He claimed Al-Qaeda had purchased several bombs through scientists from the former USSR, who were not happy with their lot.

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