Vladimir Putin: Government must become effective administrative instrument

'The role of the government apparatus is changing, and what for all practical purposes has been an almost shadow ministerial cabinet must transform itself into an effective and modern administrative instrument,' said the president of the Russian Federation on Tuesday following the announcement of the new cabinet of ministers. In the words of the head of government, in the event of his election, 'for the new government, the procedure for the investment of full authority before the newly elected president will be a purely formal matter. We will rid the country of an unavoidable, lengthy and harmful period of distribution of portfolios,' said Putin.

Commenting on the reduction in the number of ministries from 30 to 17, the head of the government likewise remarked that 'the crux of the matter does not lie in a mechanical consolidation, but as a way to logically make the ministries more effective and influential, and to give them a greater dynamism and independence. It is important to raise the personal, private responsibility of each named minister for the work he has been delegated,' said Putin. 'In the event of my election victory, this ministerial cabinet will take upon itself the full measure of responsibility, as envisioned in the constitution for the authority of the government,' said Vladimir Putin.

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